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Being a key player on the market comes together with the responsibility of always being ahead of market trends and foreseeing consumer behaviors. We continually learn from our studies as well as our clients and partners. One of our objectives is to share our general knowledge, where appropriate, throughout our community.

We provide a broad range of research, strategy and analytics covering the Romanian media landscape. Our research products span news and interpretation, media trends research and suggestions, sector research, trade ideas, technical analyses and longer trend pieces.

Please see below for some of our recent research studies.

  • PaidOwnedEarned-Report

    Rethinking “paid, earned and owned”

    “Rethinking: Paid, earned and owned media: New rules for marketing performance” is a global research and analytics study based on discussions with consumers from Australia, China, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Thailand, Italy, United Kingdom and United States. The study calls for a rethinking of the media strategies, according to a new segmentation of marketing channels : [...]

  • the romanian game changer

    The Romanian Game Changer

    We are in August 2010: an alarming 74% of Romanians expected that the economic crisis would get even worse over the next 6 months. Surprisingly, over half of the interviewed population trusted information from the internet three times more than they trusted information from traditional media. These, along with many others, were the key findings [...]

  • Unlocking-ThePower-of-Mobile

    Unlocking the Power of Mobile

    Mobile communication has become or will soon become an integral part of our lives with consumers seeing it as both a „life support” and „life management” tool. Today, this multifunctional device is used throughout the day, every day, for many purposes. Whilst this dramatic growth is well reported, the immense opportunities that mobile presents to [...]

  • TheAgeOfSocialInfluence

    The Age of Social Influence

    In order to understand the increasing synergy between different media platforms and the influence this is having on the path to purchase, we have conducted a global online study of over 8000 web users aged 16 – 54 across Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, the Netherlands, the US and UK. We found that technology-driven media [...]

  • TheNewPowerOfTelevision

    The New Power of Television

    Over the past decade, experts across the advertising world have been proclaiming the demise of TV, and marketers and agencies have been searching out creative and media options beyond the 30 second spot. However, unique research we conducted shows that the future for TV has never looked so healthy. We spoke with consumers in Argentina, [...]

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