What we do

Research, Monitoring, Analysis

Initiative offers its clients a full array of ad-hoc research capabilities whether through internal resources or through external partners.

The project types range from consumer research (target identification, segmentation, media and leisure habits, touch-point efficiency, etc.) to market research (segment analysis, communication efficiency evaluation, positioning analysis, communication optimization, consumer profiling) and business intelligence.

We have a wide array of local and international resources that we use to support our clients’ growth:

  • Access to all available industry research.
  • Adhoc / bespoke qualitative research
  • Range of Proprietary Tools
  • Initiative Insider − Global network portal that grants our team acces to
    1. Internal/external news & information
    2. Industry Publications
    3. WARC, RECMA, Ad Age, M&M Europe
    4. Discussion forum
    5. Research Studies
    6. Training webinars
    7. Case Studies
  • K2, TV optimization tool which aids planners to:
    1. Analyze TV channels / dayparts to return the highest Effective Reach
    2. Search for a strategy offering the best CPP and Reach
    3. Make realistic scenarios through a series of filters and parameters and compare them to actual campaign results.
  • MyA Booking system
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